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Pittsburgh Pirates first home game: Feels like it's the kind of weather the Steelers play in

Pittsburgh’s first home game is here. The Pirates are doing well.

Pittsburgh’s first home game is here. The Pirates are doing well.

The weather isn't good.

The temperatures on the North Shore on Friday made it seem like it was a Steelers football tailgate party with the wind, rain, and cold. The area is still recovering from the flooding and road closures this week.

However, there’s a baseball game at PNC Park.

The Pirates have won 6 out of 7 games this season and are playing against the Baltimore Orioles, who were one of the top teams last season. The game starts at 4:12 p.m.

The game time represents the city’s 412 area code.

'Best day of the season'

Paul Torr of Sharon and his sons were among the first cars in line to get into a North Shore parking lot at 10 a.m.

“This is definitely football weather, but we just bundled up,” said Torr, who attended the final game at Forbes Field in 1970. He and his father saved some of the bleachers.

But Torr on Friday was concentrating on the 2024 Pirates.

“They are off to a really good start,” he said of the team. “They are hitting and pitching.”

Torr’s son Paul Torr Jr. said they are used to dressing for this weather because they attend Steelers games.

“This feels like a Steelers atmosphere,” said Kevin Dell of Johnstown was tailgating with friends Steve Marano, Justin Kiel, and Jordan Rogers.”We would not miss the home opener. I have been to the past 23 except the pandemic season.”

They wore black after Pirates player Andrew McCutchen called for a fans blackout on social media.

“The home opener is the best day of the season,” said Dell. “A little cold weather and rain is not going to stop us.”

Here’s the lineup for the home opener:

Jim Leyland returns

Former Pirates manager Jim Leyland is set to throw out the first pitch. Read what he had to say about Opening Day, baseball and his time with the Pirates.

Going to the game?

Here are 5 things to know about today’s game.

Last night’s win

The Pirates beat the Washington Nationals 7-4 last night. Here’s a game story.

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