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Channel 4 News Wins BAFTA For Gaza Coverage, Dedicate Award To Reporters Killed In Warzones

Channel 4 News’ coverage of the Gaza conflict clinched a BAFTA on Sunday in an award that the production team dedicated to all the journalists “who have been killed in the line of duty.” Veteran journalist Sir Trevor McDonald presented

Channel 4 News’ reporting on the conflict in Gaza received a BAFTA on Sunday, and the team dedicated the award to all the journalists who have died while doing their job.

Veteran journalist Sir Trevor McDonald presented the award for news coverage for the broadcaster’s documentary Inside Gaza: Israel and Hamas At War.

Europe editor and host Matt Frei took the stage, the seriousness of the situation overshadowed the celebratory atmosphere. “This is supposed to be a happy night, but I’m afraid we got this prize for a fundamentally tragic, complex and complicated story.”

Addressing the audience, the team highlighted the challenges journalists face in war zones, emphasizing the critical need for access to do their job effectively. The team mentioned Palestinian journalist and independent filmmaker Yousef Hammash who worked on the film before fleeing with his family to Egypt.

“Thank you, Yousef, for all you have done. We wouldn’t be here without you,” they said.

Specifically making a call for access to Gaza, Frei remarked: “I just want to say one thing really: For us to do our job properly, for us to witness what’s happening right now, especially in Gaza, we need access. We need to be able to go there and we have not been able to get in. And this is another appeal. Don’t hide. We want to report. We want to bear witness.”

In a dedication, Frei extended the honor to colleagues that had been killed doing their jobs around the world.

“We dedicate this award to all those journalists. And there have been far too many this year, over 126, who have been killed in the line of duty, not just in the war in Gaza, but all the wars. This is for them. Thank you, BAFTA,” Frei concluded.

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