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A discussion on CNN turned into laughter when Dana Bash suggested that Trump is fond of potential VP Doug Burgum because he's a good person

Dana Bash earned some laughter and a correction from herself after reporting that Doug Burgum Donald Trump likes Doug Burgum because he’s a “nice guy.”

CNN’s Dana Bash earned some laughter and a correction from herself after reporting that North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) has shot to the top of Donald Trump’s potential running mate list because he’s a “nice guy.”

Bash reported on CNN This Morning on Monday that people around Trump have indicated he’s warming to idea of Burgum because of his background in business and more.

“It’s not just by watching Donald Trump over the weekend with Doug Burgum, it’s also reporting that I have from people around him, he really, really likes the idea of Doug Burgum,” Bash said. “The fact that he’s a business person, the fact that he’s central casting, which is not nothing when it comes to Donald Trump.”

“He looks the part, shall we say?” host Kasie Hunt asked.

“Yeah, and he’s a nice person,” Bash said. “He’s a nice person to be with, genuinely a nice guy, and that’s something that Trump likes.”

“Unobjectionably, really,” Hunt added.

Burgum joined Trump for a campaign rally in New Jersey on Saturday. Trump praised Burgum at the rally, saying the governor “probably knows more about energy than anybody I know.”

He then remarked, “Get ready for something, okay? Just get ready.”

Hunt turned to CNN commentator Ashley Allison on Monday to discuss Nikki Haley voters and the fact that Trump has made it clear the Republican is not on his list of potential VP picks, but Allison circled back to Bash’s reporting.

“I’m sorry, I’m trying to hold back my laughter…Donald Trump likes nice people?” she said, prompting laughter from her and the rest of the panel, including Bash.

Bash then offered up a correction on her terminology.

“Let me correct the record, please, your honor,” she said. “I want to actually associate myself with the word that Kasie used, which is unobjectionable. That’s a better word.”

Watch above via CNN.

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