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Are you going to the first game at the Pirates' stadium? Here's what you should know

The first-place Pittsburgh Pirates open their home season Friday.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, who are currently in first place, will start playing at their home stadium on Friday.

They are going to have a game against the Baltimore Orioles at their home stadium.

The game will begin at 4:12 p.m., which pays homage to Pittsburgh's 412 area code, at PNC Park on the North Shore of Pittsburgh.

The forecast suggests that the weather might not be good, but a large number of people are still expected to attend.

The Pirates' President, Travis Williams, mentioned that the game is likely to be sold out and all the fans will get a magnetic schedule.

By 6 p.m. on Tuesday, only a few tickets were available starting at $109.

Williams expressed his excitement about the sellout and the activities around the club, and he hopes that the fans will appreciate the work done during the off-season.

Williams attributed this year's strong start to the players' determined attitude from last season.

Williams stated that the positive attitude from last season has carried through to this season as well.

The gates will open at 2:12 p.m., and there will be a pre-game event starting at 3:30 with the Pirates' play-by-play announcer Greg Brown. Additionally, two parajumpers from Team Fast Trax are expected to land in PNC Park, weather permitting.

Ke’Bryan Hayes, the Pirates' third baseman, will receive his 2023 Rawlings Gold Glove from Steve Cohen of Rawlings. The performance of 'God Bless America' will be by Sgt. Joseph Dukes of the Air Force, and the National Anthem will be performed by the brass section of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Starting the game with a ceremonial first pitch

Throwing the ceremonial first pitch in honor of his upcoming induction into Cooperstown will be the Hall of Fame manager Jim Leyland, who is a resident of Pittsburgh. Leyland had a successful managerial career with the Pirates and achieved 851 victories during his 11 seasons with the club.


Christopher Horner from TribLive clicked the photo.
Pirates' Andrew McCutchen was seen talking to Jim Leyland during batting practice before a game in 2016 at PNC Park. Leyland is scheduled to throw the ceremonial first pitch for the Pirates' home opener on Friday.


According to Lee Hendricks, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Moon, there may be rain and even snow, with an 80% chance of precipitation. Afternoon temperatures are expected to be in the mid-40s with wind gusts of 10 to 25 mph. The record rainfall from Tuesday combined with dropping temperatures will continue throughout the rest of the week.

"The weather doesn't look good for playing baseball," said Hendricks.

Bridge open

The Roberto Clemente Bridge will be accessible to pedestrians after being closed for construction for almost two years. This was part of a bigger project costing $85.6 million to renovate the three famous Sister Bridges in the city, which also include the Andy Warhol and Rachel Carson.

The Clemente Bridge, which connects Downtown and the North Shore, has had repairs and improvements done, including structural, steel, and masonry work, as well as the replacement of decks, sidewalks, stairs, utility lines, lighting, and repainting of the bridges and handrails.

Williams mentioned that the street parties on Federal Street near the Clemente Bridge will be extended to their usual size.

“Reopening the bridge and restoring the connection to the Downtown area, allowing our fans to walk across the bridge, will improve the experience,” Williams said. “On Opening Day, they can walk across the bridge and see the improvements we made to the river walk last year.”


Kristina Serafini | TribLive
The Pirates’ home opener on Friday will see the Roberto Clemente Bridge open to pedestrians.


Wigle Whiskey in the Strip District has partnered with the Pirates and will have a new restaurant opening on Opening Day along Federal Street. It will be open daily and extend onto Federal Street on game days.

“Wigle has a strong history in Pittsburgh as the first distillery since Prohibition, similar to the rich history of baseball,” said Alex Moser, chief operating officer for Wigle Whiskey, at Tuesday’s media preview. “We are honored to be part of the Pirates and very excited to see our brand come to life at PNC Park.”

New dining options inside the park include the Renegade Dog, a footlong hot dog with pot roast, mini pierogies and onions on a bun. There will also be the Pitt Dog, topped with capicola, provolone cheese, vinegar slaw and potato sticks on a Martin’s potato roll.

Pittsburgh’s Caliente Pizza & Draft House will offer its pizza and add wings to the menu, while Coop de Ville in the Strip District will provide a chicken biscuit sandwich.


JoAnne Klimovich Harrop | TribLive
Pittsburgh’s Caliente Pizza & Draft House will again team up with the Pirates to offer pizza, as well as a new partnership featuring wings this season.


On weekdays, plan ahead when looking for a parking spot as there may be workday traffic.

All of Alco Parking’s lots only accept cards for payment, and attendants will be available to direct cars to parking spaces. Lots open four hours before the game.

PNC Park is also cashless and provides reverse ATMs for converting cash into cards.

Pittsburgh Regional Transit will operate two-car trains on the Red and Blue Line from 2 p.m. and offer extra service after the game. Buses will follow their regular routes. For a list of Downtown lots and garages with rates, it is best to visit the Parking Authority. website For those interested in riding the Gateway Clipper Fleet’s shuttle from the South Side near Station Square to PNC Park, it may not be available. As of Wednesday, this mode of transportation is on hold due to recent flooding.

Christian Wirginis, vice president of operations for the Gateway Clipper, expressed uncertainty about the shuttle service, stating, “Right now, our shuttle service is up in the air. We want to make sure we can transport fans safely. We need to wait and see.”

The first-place Pittsburgh Pirates will kick off their home season on Friday.

“Right now, our shuttle service is up in the air,” she said. “We want to make sure we can transport fans safely. We need to wait and see.”

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