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WATCH: Police Break Up Pro-Palestinian Protest at The University of Texas at Austin, Arrests Made

Texas police at The University of Texas at Austin made Pro-Palestinian protesters disperse and arrested some demonstrators in a tense ongoing exchange.

Texas police at The University of Texas at Austin made Pro-Palestinian protesters leave and took some of them into custody in a tense ongoing interaction on Wednesday.

According to various reports and videos of the incident, Texas Department of Public Safety troopers apprehended demonstrators at a pro-Palestinian rally on the campus following the arrival of about 50 officers.

Videos have become popular on social media, showing protesters shouting at troopers after the arrest of demonstrators. It's not clear how many activists and students have been detained at this point.

According to CBS News Austin, law enforcement ordered protesters to keep the demonstration in a specific area of the campus before the arrests took place. Protesters can be heard shouting curses and demanding the release of detainees as they were taken away by police.

The protest reflects a series of demonstrations happening on college campuses across the U.S., where pro-Palestinian activists are calling for a stop to the fighting between Israel and Hamas. Additionally, protesters are also demanding that the U.S. halt its financial and military support to Israel.

Over the weekend, President Joe Biden and other prominent Republican lawmakers have condemned the protests for anti-Semitism because of expressions of support for Hamas at Columbia University.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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