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To The Ivy League Palestine Supporters: Welcome To The ‘Eat Dirt’ Club

Americans aren’t getting anything out of Washington to improve their lives. Why should that exclude anti-Israel protesters?

Many congressional Republicans see an easy win in focusing on the strong anti-Israel protests at Ivy League campuses nationwide, but to the protesters, the message is clear: This is what disappointment feels like. Get used to it.

The protesters are asking for various things, from a simple “cease fire” in Gaza to something similar to a “final solution” in Israel. Republicans and Fox News are interested in this because all of the protesters are Democrat voters, and some of them proudly display their anti-Jew sentiments.

That makes things a little uncomfortable for the White House and Democrats in Congress, but so far, Joe Biden and Co. are managing to tolerate it. That’s because, with a giddy assist from Republicans, Democrats are within a baby’s breath of passing a nearly $100 billion foreign welfare package, about a quarter of which will go to Israel to continue its war campaign. Included in that portion is some “humanitarian aid” for Palestinians. (Enjoy!)

What’s not included in that generous giveaway is anything significant that would directly improve the life of a single American on U.S. soil. There was nothing related to the collapse of the Southern border, nothing to address crime, and nothing to bring down the cost of groceries or the price of gas.

So the anti-Israel faction of the Democrat Party feels put out by Washington? Don’t we all.

What they all need to understand is that the leaders they elected don’t care. Elected Democrats don’t share their interests. Likewise, elected Republicans just showed their priorities aren’t in sync with the desires of their voters, either.

I know it stings. Nobody likes rejection. But here we all are, as far corners of the world are taken care of by our tax dollars amid massive federal deficits and debt. Everyone here is fine, right?

Ultimately, what the protesters want is stupid anyway. After what happened on Oct. 7, Israel isn’t going to relent until it’s ready, just as any proud nation would do. That’s not to say Israelis should wage their battle at our expense, but that wasn’t my call. It was Washington’s. And Washington cares just as much about the preferences of anti-Israel activists as they do every other average American’s.

Get comfortable. Things aren’t going to change for a while.

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