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Trump encourages his MAGA supporters to protest at courthouses in response to pro-Palestinian protests

Former President Trump turned to social media to encourage his supporters to protest at local courthouses across the country, mirroring the pro-Palestinian protestors' actions.

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump took goes on social media to ask his followers to demonstrate at local courthouses across the country, similar to pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

On the day his criminal trial for concealing hush money payments to women he allegedly had affairs with before the 2016 election is set to begin, Trump refers to the wave of pro-Palestinian demonstrations that have recently blocked numerous bridges in major US cities. Additionally, he suggests that his supporters peacefully protest the way he is being treated.

Trump wrote on Truth Social on Monday morning, just hours before his trial began, that those who love America should be allowed to protest in front of courthouses throughout the country, just like it is permitted for those on the Radical Left. He referred to it as a two-tiered system of justice. wrote:

Why are Palestinian protesters, and even rioters, allowed to roam the Cities, scream, shout, sit, block traffic, enter buildings, not get permits, and basically do whatever they want including threatening Supreme Court Justices right in front of their homes, and yet people who truly LOVE our Country, and want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, are not allowed to “Peacefully Protest,” and are rudely and systematically shut down and ushered off to far away “holding areas,” essentially denying them their Constitutional Rights. America Loving Protesters should be allowed to protest at the front steps of Courthouses, all over the Country, just like it is allowed for those who are destroying our Country on the Radical Left, a two tiered system of justice. Free Speech and Assembly has been “CHILLED” for USA SUPPORTERS. GO OUT AND PEACEFULLY PROTEST. RALLY BEHIND MAGA. SAVE OUR COUNTRY! “THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF.”

It's worth noting that when Trump called for his supporters to march to the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, peacefully, a riot broke out led by pro-Trump supporters who believed the election had been stolen by Trump and attempted to hinder the certification of the Electoral College.


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