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The Biden campaign teased Donald Trump and his supporters in a harsh memo

Biden’s reelection campaign turned the tables on former President Donald Trump by dubbing him “Sleepy Don” in a blistering campaign memo.

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President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign turned the tables on former President Donald Trump by dubbing him “Sleepy Don” in a blistering campaign memo lacerating Trump and “small-time thugs” in his campaign.

Last week was the official start of the Stormy Daniels hush money-election interference trial being prosecuted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and presided over by Judge Juan Merchan. One of the most high-profile facets of the trial was Trump falling asleep in court at least three times.

The irony that one of Trump’s many nicknames for President Joe Biden is “Sleepy Joe” cannot have escaped the Biden campaign, which has taken several stabs at parodying the Trump nickname gag.

The campaign put out a memo Friday entitled “Verdict’s In: Sleepy Don Has a Nightmare Week” that mocked Trump and presented a contrast with the president:

Verdict’s In: Sleepy Don Has a Nightmare Week

Happy Friday from Wilmington.

This week, President Biden returned to Pennsylvania for a three day swing, rallied with steelworkers & Kennedys, blitzed the airways across the state illustrating the dramatically different economic visions at stake, and hit up both Sheetz & Wawa.

Here is how the New York Times summed up the week:

“American voters absorbed their first view of an extraordinary split-screen campaign this week, with President Biden sprinting across one of the country’s top battleground states and former President Donald J. Trump sitting — and appearing to snooze — in a New York courtroom.”

Their words. Not ours.

The memo ticked through the campaign’s assessment of Trump’s week:

Trump was off the trial trail but his problems remained very much on them.

Again, wasn’t campaigning

Got some shut-eye

Continued to lag behind his own fundraising numbers from 2020

Began trying to charge down ballot candidates for using his “name, image, and likeness” in fundraising

Sold out the American people to Big Oil and Gas barons as he railed against wind energy

Continued to see his endorsement and enabling of state abortion bans boomerang on him in Arizona, after MAGA Republicans blocked an effort to repeal a 1864 abortion ban

Had his former running mate make clear Trump should never be president again

The following is a statement from Biden-Harris 2024 Spokesperson James Singer on another bad week for Donald Trump:

“The verdict is in, Donald Trump and his campaign’s self-inflicted wounds are not paying off. Their strategy of not campaigning, wasting money, acting like small time thugs, and pushing their extreme agenda is driving away voters.

“At the Biden campaign, our eyes are wide awake: Voters want an economy that works for them – not billionaires, their rights protected instead of ripped away, and a president focused on solving their problems instead of being consumed by their own.”

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