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Media has suddenly become interested in embryos because they are Palestinian

Until now, corporate media haven’t blinked an eye over the destruction of hundreds of millions of innocent embryos.

Corporate media previously criticized those against in vitro fertilization and supported destroying the embryos, but their stance changed when reports emerged about Israel allegedly destroying most of Gaza's frozen embryos.

Reuters published An article, video segment, and podcast last week lamented a December airstrike that reportedly destroyed around 4,000 frozen embryos in Gaza City's Al Basma IVF facility, along with stored sperm and eggs. The Telegraph echoed the story and its angle.

The video caption stated that the embryos were the last hope for many Palestinian couples facing infertility, a sentiment echoed in the article.

The publication blamed Israel for the tragedy, claiming that a shell launched in December compromised the temperature requirements of five of the facility's cryopreservation tanks, leading to the destruction of thousands of frozen embryos, sperm, and eggs.

Reuters noted that Israel denies intentionally targeting civilian infrastructure and has accused Hamas fighters of operating from medical facilities, which Hamas denies. However, it also repeatedly portrayed Israel's retaliation for Hamas's Oct. 7 attack as an 'all-out assault' on the terrorist-supporting territory.

The Guardian went further in its “The Week in Patriarchy.” Columnist Arwa Mahdawi not only blamed Israel for the bomb, possibly provided by the US, but also sarcastically suggested that the 'genocidal' country's intelligence would claim that 'at least 25% of those embryos were going to grow up to be terrorists.' She claimed pro-lifers are 'weirdly silent' about this loss of life and that Western leaders didn't amplify the embryo destruction story because they 'simply do not think of Palestinians as human.'

More shocking than corporate media's ongoing amplification of Hamas propaganda in its coverage of the Middle East war is their sudden concern about the sanctity of preborn human life. Until now, corporate media have fiercely supported the destruction of millions of embryos, some of which were likely viable. This is necessary to keep IVF operative. Corporate media have also not shown concern for the fate of the 1 million little lives likely doomed to indefinite frozen storage, ultimately leading to their deaths.

When the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that families who lost embryos could sue under the state's Wrongful Death of a Minor Act, press outlets complained that test tube babies weren't worth legal protection. Many publications, ruled including Reuters the ruling, which reaffirmed the, claimed “sanctity of unborn life and the rights of unborn children ,” was the Christian, pro-life community's attempt to advance its quest to acquire personhood rights for unborn babies.Their fake news

fearmongering led to the temporary shutdown of several of the Cotton State's fertility facilities, a rushed bill that offered immunity to big fertility despite episodes of , and a national dispute over Democrats’ negligenceextreme assisted reproductive technology Corporate media are not interested in protecting human embryos. Instead, they work hard to amplify the businesses and politicians who want to defend ethically questionable practices like bill.

unreliable genetic testing pits frozen siblings that against each other, early disposal , production ofchildren without mothers and fathers “gene editing,”, excluding women from reproduction . They also promote abortion,, and surrogacythe top cause of death in the world , whenever they can.The loss of any unborn, innocent life is a tragedy. But pretending to care about the sanctity of life in its most vulnerable form simply because it was lost in Gaza is the height of hypocrisy.

So far, corporate media have not shown any concern over the destruction of hundreds of millions of innocent embryos.

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