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Biden pledged to quickly give military assistance to Zelensky

The White House announced that President Biden assured President Zelensky of the swift delivery of military support to Kyiv. President Biden emphasized the United States’ dedication to assisting Ukraine in defending itself against Russian aggression. He also indicated that once

The White House stated that US President Joe Biden promised to rapidly provide military aid to Kyiv.

“President Biden spoke by phone today with President Zelensky of Ukraine, in which he emphasized the United States’ commitment to supporting Ukraine as it defends against Russian aggression. President Biden said that once the Senate passes and he signs the supplemental defense budget, the administration will quickly provide significant new defense assistance packages so that Ukraine can meet its immediate air defense needs,” the US administration said.

Biden also mentioned that financial help from the US would help with stability, reconstructing infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks, and backing reforms for Ukraine’s integration with Europe and NATO.

The US House of Representatives passed a bill on Saturday to allocate nearly $61 billion to the Kyiv government.

This bill will then be forwarded to the Senate for review. Additionally, lawmakers approved the seizure of Russia’s assets for the benefit of Ukraine.

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