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‘We Do Not Reward the Bare Minimum’: Democratic Rep. Tells MSNBC She Won’t Vote to Save Speaker Johnson

If Speaker Johnson is counting on Democratic support to save his job following the passage of the $95 billion foreign aid package, he might want to think again.

If House Speaker Mike Johnson is counting on Democratic support to save his job following the passage of the $95 billion foreign aid package which angered some far-Right Republicans, he might want to think again.

Appearing on MSNBC’s The Weekend Sunday, Rep. Jasmine Crockett gave a grudging nod to the Speaker for doing the “bare minimum” but said that if a motion to vacate were brought to the House floor, she would not vote for Johnson.

“I again, have to applaud the speaker,” Crockett said. “Because he has decided it’s time to be an adult. And that’s one thing that [Kevin] McCarthy really struggled with, was actually deciding that I’m not only going to be an adult in what I do, but also in what I say. And Speaker Johnson has decided that he’s going to do that now. If that costs him his job. I think that the American people are smart enough to know that it’s not the Democrats’ fault, but it’s MAGA’s fault. And ultimately, I think that he knows how to work his way to maybe holding onto his job.”

Crockett agreed with MSNBC’s Michael Steele — who predicted that Johnson “will be fine.” But if Johnson does survive a motion to vacate, he’ll have to do it without Crockett – who said she would vote for House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

“We don’t do things for you or save you because you did the bare minimum of doing your job,” Johnson said. “We’ve got to get something out of this. Listen, we know that the Republican policies that have been pushed thus far are failures. And so the only thing that we can do is when [Johnson] is in a time of need, that is our time to negotiate. That is our time to make sure that we can push through and get something as well. You know, doing the decent thing as allies and friends of various nations and countries, that’s just doing the bare minimum! That’s what we did. We did the bare minimum. Just like getting through our budget. That is the bare minimum! It took us an extra six months. So we don’t reward doing the bare minimum.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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