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Kari Lake got very upset when the House approved aid for Ukraine and some representatives waved Ukraine flags, saying she felt disoriented about the situation


Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake got very upset after the House passed a $95 billion aid package, with a large portion going to Ukraine.

Kari Lake She was very angry after the House passed a $95 billion aid package, including a lot of money for Ukraine.

She appeared on Newsmax on Saturday and criticized the representatives who waved Ukraine flags on the House floor after giving approval to the aid package. She criticized the representatives for passing the aid package. The bill included $60 billion for Ukraine and it was passed by a large margin. The vote to allocate $60 billion for Ukraine passed with 311-112 votes.This means almost half of House Republicans supported it.

Lake said, “Today, what they did when they voted to fund further fund Ukraine, and they were waving Ukrainian flags around and chanting Ukraine! I don’t know what country I’m in anymore!” Lake said. “And I think the American people are absolutely shocked and floored by what we witnessed in the House of Representatives today.”

Lake criticized the House for focusing more on foreign conflicts than domestic issues, in her opinion.

She said, “We’ve got to have a huge come to Jesus moment with these people. By the way, I want everybody in the House of Representatives to know you’re representing the people of America, and it’s about time you start caring about the people of this country, instead of caring so much about the border in Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. Americans are suffering, and we demand that you start representing us.”

Watch above, via Newsmax.

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