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A midcentury modern house on a hill is listed for sale at $4.3 million after a detailed restoration process called 'architectural archaeology'

The $4.3 million Hilltop home’s kitchen features its original cabinetry. (Courtesy Josh Drovdal with Revel Media via BusinessDen)

When John Huggins and his wife Monica Martinez bought 35 Eudora St. in 2007 for $850,000, they wanted to restore the midcentury modern home to its mid-1960s glory.

In 2007, John Huggins and his wife Monica Martinez purchased 35 Eudora St. for $850,000 with the intention of returning the midcentury modern home to its original 1960s condition.

Huggins used a technique called 'architectural archaeology' to carefully restore the 1966 Hilltop home, which was designed by the well-known Denver architect Donald R. Roark.

Huggins aimed to stay faithful to the original owners’ vision and creativity and bring back the vibrant colors, many of which were still present in the home.

During the renovation, they utilized architectural archaeology to uncover the original wallpaper hidden behind switch plates and sink cabinets.

Huggins described the 4,700-square-foot house as bright, airy, and modern, with a cheerful atmosphere.

The house features white-painted brick piers, colorful accents, and floor-to-ceiling windows, creating a unique architectural design.

The original cabinetry remains in the kitchen as well as in the great room, which also has built-in walnut cabinetry. The main part of the house retains its original terrazzo tile.

Additionally, it still has its original Majestic Char-Grill outdoor kitchen and high-quality finish materials, including vintage Prescolite lighting fixtures, Nutone intercom system, and gold Phylrich Swan and Dolphin faucets.

Although the couple loves their four-bedroom, five-bathroom home, they have decided to move and sell it for $4.3 million so that their daughter can attend her preferred high school.

Huggins, who is the president and co-founder of Notable Systems, mentioned that his wife wants to live in a more walkable neighborhood near central Denver, and they are looking to downsize to a home where all three of them can comfortably reside.

Notable Systems specializes in using machine learning for custom data extraction, document classification, and automated document routing.

Listing agent Stock Jonekos of Kentwood Real Estate Cherry Creek expressed that the home will be attractive to a buyer who values midcentury modern architecture.

He likened it to walking into a museum and suggested that it would be appealing to someone looking for a unique property.

This was a partnership report. BusinessDen.

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