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Jesse Ventura Assumes Control of CNN Segment: ‘Let’s Focus on the Real Reason I’m Here, Erin – Cannabis’

Erin Burnett discussed politics with former MN Gov Jesse Ventura before he took control of the interview: “But let’s move on to why I’m really here…cannabis.”

CNN’s Erin Burnett discussed politics with former third-party Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura on Thursday before the former professional wrestler took control of the interview, saying, “But let’s move on to why I’m really here, Erin – cannabis.”

“All right…and I was about to jump in and force you there, but you were going on!” Burnett said, continuing:

BURNETT: I know you’re passionate about cannabis. It is how you spend your time. Can I ask you about this? ‘Cause you have put a lot of time into the effectiveness of medical marijuana, and I know the reason you’ve done this is ’cause you say it saved your family’s life. It stopped your wife’s seizures. So you’ve dedicated yourself to this. Biden has moved to decriminalize it, finally. It wasn’t initial thought, but he has done that, and change its federal classification in terms of its class, how it’s registered with the FDA. Is that enough? Is there enough being done on this?

VENTURA: No! Here’s your problem with that — who’s making the decision here? The DEA! Well, they’re the enforcement agency. Well, how come the legislature, the Congress isn’t making the decision? Why does it go to the DEA? The very people who profit from putting people in prison, having drugs illegal? They’re now the ones that make the final decision on what’s going to happen with cannabis federally.

So, the point is this: more people like me who are stepping forward, I’m putting my face on marijuana. I’ve teamed up with Retro Bakery. It’s called Ventura Farms, and I’m going to shamelessly plug it now. And for everybody out there, that will be the focus of Jesse Ventura’s life, because it saved my life. My wife was having seizures and our medicine couldn’t help. Pharma did nothing, it couldn’t help. Had to go illegally to Colorado at the time 10 years ago and get cannabis. My wife, since three drops under the tongue, has not had a seizure since.

Ventura then offered to send Burnett a care package.

“You won’t have to have me on anymore; you can try it, and you’ll sell it for me!”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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