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Long-serving B.C. politician Mike de Jong supports federal Conservatives in upcoming election

The B.C. United MLA says he is seeking the Conservative party nomination in the Abbotsford-South Langley riding

Long-serving provincial politician Mike de Jong desires to represent the Conservative Party of Canada in Abbotsford-South Langley.

De Jong recently announced his intention to run for the federal riding in the Fraser Valley. This comes shortly after he stated he would not run for re-election as a B.C. United MLA in the October provincial election.

Having been an MLA for 30 years, De Jong criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and praised his potential future leader, Pierre Poilievre.

De Jong stated in a news release, "The recent federal budget reaffirmed the importance of electing a responsible government and ending Mr. Trudeau's habit of accumulating more debt for Canadians to bear."

He added, "It's high time that Mr. Trudeau stops treating Canadian taxpayers as an ATM without considering the strain his constant tax hikes and excessive spending puts on Canadian families."

De Jong expressed confidence in Poilievre's commitment to fiscal responsibility.

During his tenure in B.C. politics, de Jong served in various roles including minister of finance, health, Aboriginal reconciliation, and forests, as well as attorney general.

He was initially elected in 1994 as a B.C. Liberal, winning against Grace McCarthy, a prominent B.C. politician and leader of the Social Credit party.

Postmedia columnist Vaughn Palmer reported that De Jong became a member of the Conservative Party of Canada two years ago and supported Poilievre's successful bid for the party's leadership. Two years ago, Ellis Ross, B.C. United's MLA for Skeena, announced his decision not to seek re-election and instead run as a federal Conservative.

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  • The B.C. United MLA stated his intention to seek the Conservative party nomination in the Abbotsford-South Langley riding

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