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Update: B.C. police find drugs from provincial safer-supply program during bust

The RCMP are investigating two individuals accused of swapping safer-supply drugs for street drugs.

Prince George police have arrested two people for reportedly selling safer-supply drugs meant to offer a safe alternative to dangerous street drugs in the province.

The RCMP acted on public tips and other investigations to gather evidence and detain two suspects who were reportedly swapping illegal drugs for safer-supply drugs.

Insp. Darin Rappel stated that a search of one suspect’s home uncovered more safer-supply prescription drugs, as well as suspected methamphetamine and fentanyl.

In a separate incident, the police in West Kelowna found prescription morphine, suspected to have been diverted for resale, along with other drugs in a March 28 bust. However, the morphine was not part of the safer-supply program.

B.C. Premier David Eby appreciates the police efforts to combat the diversion of safer-supply and prescription drugs. He noted that the recent seizure in Prince George highlights the extent of the challenge faced by the province.

Last month, Prince George police raised concerns about the potential diversion of drugs from the safer-supply program, which provides alternative medications to those addicted to street opioids.

Eby expressed hope for continued collaboration with the federal government on border interdiction to prevent the upstream delivery of drugs within British Columbia and to other locations.

Both suspects arrested in Prince George have been released without charge while the investigation continues, according to the RCMP. They are both known to the police for drug-related offenses.

The discovery of safer-supply drugs in criminal investigations has led to criticism of B.C.’s program from some provincial and federal leaders.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith expressed concerns about B.C.’s safer-supply drugs potentially entering her province, while federal Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre vowed to eliminate safe supply if he becomes prime minister.

B.C. Solicitor General Mike Farnworth stated after the original police statement last month that the RCMP had informed him there was no widespread evidence of diversion of the safer-supply drugs.

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