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Fox & Friends Quickly Changes Subject from Positive Jobs Report to Diners Who Haven’t Saved Enough to Stop Working

“When do you think you can actually fully retire?” Fox Business asked a diner. “When I’m six feet under,” she replied.

Fox News announced on Friday morning that the U.S. economy added 303,000 jobs, much more than expected. However, they also highlighted how challenging it is to retire in America today.

“We’re back with a Fox Business alert. The March jobs report just came out, revealing that the U.S. gained 303,000 jobs,” started Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy, adding:

That is 100,000 more than economists expected. That’s a very good number. The unemployment rate now at 3.8%. That is also lower than last month’s jobless rate. So a couple of new numbers in from our federal government. This as a new study finds the average American believes they’ll need at least $1.4 million to retire. That is about 15% more than people said last year. Fox Business correspondent Ashley Webster is live at the Flying Biscuit Cafe in The Villages talking to retirees. Actually, I’ve been in that room. The biscuits don’t really fly, but the opinions do.

Then Webster took over, joking, “They certainly do. I think I saw your picture on the wall here with a mustache drawn on it, so we’ll investigate that.”

“But you’re right, 303,000 jobs were created last month, and many of them are now being taken by seniors aged 65 and older, partly because they don’t have enough savings to retire,” Webster continued, saying:

Wanted very quickly to look at this number. Very sobering. This came from the Federal Reserve. It says that people age 55 to 64. Of that group, 43% have no savings for retirement at all. Now, you mentioned the, the opinions of flying here at the Flying Biscuit. I’m joined here this morning by the lovely ladies with the tea, teas and greens, breakfast meeting, discussing and plotting their strategy. Let me come over here to Desiree. Desiree, great to see you. I’m sorry to interrupt your breakfast, but, we’re talking about retirement. It’s not easy to retire these days because it’s so darn expensive.

“Definitely. Groceries, gas, housing, electricity – it’s just not enough,” said Desiree at the diner.

Webster followed with, “So you’re still running a business, but you want to retire as soon as you can?”

“Absolutely,” Desiree replied. “Will that happen?” Webster asked.

“Hopefully soon. But it doesn’t seem likely with the current situation,” Desiree replied.

“Well all right. Thank you very much. Let’s quickly speak with the two ladies over here. Rose. Are you retired?” Webster asked, moving on to another woman at the diner.

“No, I’m still working,” she answered as Webster asked, “You’re still working? Do you want to retire? Of course, of course. When do you think you can actually fully retire?”

“When I’m six feet under,” she responded.

“Well, on that note. I also want to mention that I want to pass this back to Lawrence. It’s about working late in life. There’s a 77-year-old former president trying to replace an 81-year-old president. So many people work late in life, don’t they, Lawrence, back to you,” Webster said, ending the positive report.

Watch above via Fox News.

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