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B.C. liquor policy changes now allow more options for trying small amounts of alcohol during tours

Changes to B.C.’s liquor laws will now allow for more flexibility when it comes to on-site tours and sales at wineries, breweries, cideries and distilleries.

Changes to B.C.’s liquor policies now permit more flexibility for tours and sales at wineries, breweries, cideries and distilleries.

“Recent years have been hard for wineries and tourism throughout the province, and we are taking action to support these important businesses,” said Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth.

“The changes we are making will create better experiences for visitors of wineries and liquor manufacturers throughout the province, helping them — and all of B.C. — to be a more competitive and desirable destination for visitors.”

The changes were made based on feedback from various interested parties, and are meant to improve visitor experiences this summer.

Visitors taking a tour of a liquor manufacturing venue will now be able to sit and briefly enjoy samples during the tour. Earlier, there had been limitations on where alcohol could be served on the premises.

Restrictions on the individual sample sizes served have also been lifted, but there are now new and increased limits on the volume of samples that may be sold to each patron per day.

Packaged liquor sales are also now allowed on a guided tour through mobile point-of-sale systems, whereas previously sales were restricted to retail areas on site under a different retail licence. Other changes will also allow manufacturers to sell products in picnic areas.

Ken Beattie, executive director of the B.C. Craft Brewers Guild, praised the changes in a statement.

“We’re excited about the new opportunities for guided tours, sampling and sales, which will allow us to showcase our products and hospitality in even more innovative ways,” he said.

“These changes will not only benefit our industry but also contribute to the growth of tourism in British Columbia. We’re grateful for the province’s responsiveness to industry feedback and look forward to welcoming visitors to our breweries this summer.”

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