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Arson suspect apprehended after a string of fires at Lakewood golf course

A man was arrested on Thursday for suspicion of arson after igniting a series of small fires in and around Lakewood’s Fox Hollow Golf Course.

Police arrested a man on Thursday for suspected arson after he started multiple small fires in and around Lakewood’s Fox Hollow Golf Course.

Around 3 p.m. on Thursday, firefighters arrived at Fox Hollow following reports from golfers of several smoke columns nearby. West Metro Fire Rescue released a statement regarding the incident..

The fires, which occurred in open areas and wooded sections along the golf cart paths, charred about 5 acres in total, according to the fire department.

Firefighters promptly extinguished the flames, preventing any harm to nearby residences or structures.

The suspect was fully dressed upon the arrival of the fire crews, but he removed his shirt before being apprehended by Lakewood police officers, as stated by West Metro Fire Rescue spokesperson Ronda Scholting.

The individual is anticipated to face charges for arson, purposefully starting a wildfire, and assault.

West Metro fire teams patrolled the burned areas overnight to ensure there were no remaining hot spots, and returned on Friday morning to confirm that the containment lines held, as reported by Scholting.

“The fire is essentially contained, but crews are going back out to thoroughly extinguish and monitor it,” Scholting explained.

Though improbable there are critical fire weather conditions and strong winds on Friday. which could reignite the fires if any remaining embers within the burn spots are carried onto dry grass by the wind, as mentioned by Scholting.

Some of the burns allegedly ignited by the suspect were in areas with debris such as piles of tree branches.

“Embers can embed themselves in fallen vegetation and remain there for a while, smoldering, before eventually igniting,” Scholting commented.

Responders from South Metro Fire Rescue, Castle Rock Fire, West Douglas Fire, Foothills Fire, Indian Hills Fire, and Fairmount Fire also reacted to the purported arsons.

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