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Trump is angry with Jack Smith for criticizing the judge who is overseeing his case, after he criticized other judges for months

Donald Trump criticized Jack Smith for attacking Judge Aileen Cannon in a recent filing, even though he had criticized other judges for months.

Jack Smith Hammers Trump For Demanding Evidence That Doesn't Exist In Blistering Filing To Trump-Appointed Judge

Former President Donald Trump scolded Special Counsel Jack Smith for criticizing Judge Aileen Cannon in a recent filing even though he had criticized other judges overseeing his other criminal and civil cases for months.

Trump wrote on Truth Social that Smith, a prosecutor with a history of failure, should be punished for attacking Judge Aileen Cannon, who is presiding over his fake documents hoax case in Florida. He called Smith a lowlife who is nasty and rude, and accused him of trying to influence the case. Trump also claimed that he is being treated unfairly compared to Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. He accused Smith of interfering with the election.

In his brief, Smith warned that a decision from Judge Cannon would unfairly impact the trial and was based on a flawed legal basis. Elie Honig opined CNN's senior legal analyst said that Smith seemed fed up with Judge Cannon and might ask for her to be removed from the case.

Despite Smith's strong language, Trump has used even harsher words to criticize other judges.

Trump called Arthur Engoron, the judge in his civil fraud trial in New York, a runaway judge who caused serious harm to the justice system. He also attacked his wife and law clerk.

He’s insulted Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing the Stormy Daniels cover-up case in New York, and his daughter by name, calling the latter a Rabid Trump Hater.

Judge Tanya Chutkanhas been labeled by Trump as highly partisan. He has also claimed asserted that he cannot get a fair trial with her overseeing the federal case against him for his behavior after the 2020 election.

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