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Readers are unhappy about criticism of Russell Wilson from Seattle and the idea of Dak Prescott in Pittsburgh next year

As always, this week’s “U mad, bro?” focuses on Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback debates and Penguins trades.

As always, this week’s “U mad, bro?” focuses on Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback debates and Penguins trades.

We also cover concert bookings, World War II history, and even the NBA.

I never accuse my readers and listeners of being uncreative.

Andrew did not like the podcast I spoke with Seattle sports media personality Ian Furness about Russell Wilson.

As a current journalist, I'm surprised that a former journalist doesn’t understand that fans may be interested to know about the background of their new quarterback from another current journalist who covered him for 10 years.

I find it surprising that a former journalist thinks this current journalist’s job is to say things like “Welcome to the ‘Burgh, Russ!”… as if I work for the team’s website.

I'm getting the impression that you might be a former journalist because you don’t understand the difference between journalism and public relations.

“Delta Blues” also didn't like the interview.

If you listened to the content, the situations were not “unknown,” and it doesn’t appear that Furness had to “strive” very hard.

Deren had some thoughts about the idea of Jake Guentzel re-signing in Pittsburgh once he becomes a free agent.

“If you’re Jake Guentzel, why would you want to go back to Pittsburgh to play for an OLD team? Of course Sid is an all time great, but the team isn’t going to compete for another 3-5 years. Jake playing for a young, competitive and hungry team like Carolina makes all the sense in the world for not only him, but the Hurricane organization.”

I think Guentzel will go to whatever team gives him the most guaranteed money over the most guaranteed years possible. If that team is young and competitive, even better.

But I agree with your point about the Penguins. I would consider him returning here a long shot, even if they made him a competitive offer.

Sean replied to the conversation I had on 105.9 The X about the Sports and Exhibition Authority fan survey they launched regarding the feasibility of bringing a WNBA and/or NBA team to Pittsburgh.

They could figure that out. Madison Square Garden in New York, TD Garden in Boston, the Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota and Capital One Arena in Washington all get concerts and shows while housing NBA and NHL teams.

What they may not be able to figure out here is how to attract enough corporate dollars, television advertising sponsors and interested season ticket buyers in Pittsburgh.

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Steven J. wasn’t wild about the idea of the Steelers signing Dak Prescott before 2025 if Russell Wilson and Justin Fields don’t work out.

I wouldn't choose Dak. I'd wait for Burrow after the Bengals realize he's not leading them to success. Or I'd wait for Allen when he refuses to negotiate anymore.

If Burrow can't lead the Bengals to success, at least he got them close three years ago. I'd take that in Pittsburgh.

If the Bengals realize that, why wouldn't the Steelers realize it by then too?

Or, maybe the question is, why do we think he'd have a better chance of success here?

When I was on 105.9 The X this week, discussing my love for the show “Masters of the Air,” someone got upset with me for revealing too much of the ending.

I don’t think I spoiled too many plot twists. And I didn't feel the need to issue a “spoiler alert” for the ending of World War II.

Were you not sure how it turned out or something?

It's like someone getting upset for mentioning that the boat hits an iceberg toward the end of the movie “Titanic.”

If “Masters of the Air” had a different outcome, I'd be writing this post in German, it'd probably be more about soccer, and it would be called, “Are you angry, brother?”

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