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Penn Hills landscaper receives permission for private road

Vigliotti Landscaping is proceeding with a private connection between Buchannon and Frankstown roads after receiving approval from the Penn Hills Zoning Hearing Board.

Vigliotti Landscaping is proceeding with a private link between Buchannon and Frankstown roads after being granted approval by the Penn Hills Zoning Hearing Board.

The road’s future relies on the expansion of a legal nonconforming use to eight total properties. After a one-month delay to consider its options, the board granted permission on March 27.

In 2020, Vigliotti Landscaping began construction on a road to connect its storage facility at 10250 Buchannon Road to Jomar Supply at 10133.

Established prior to the first zoning code in 1940, the storage facility is allowed as a legal nonconforming use.

Following the board’s decision, the following properties also fall under legal nonconforming uses: 10142 and 10244 Buchannon Road; 620 Flamingo Ave.; 10133, 10143 and 10125 Frankstown Road; and 828 Old Coal Hollow Road.

Vigliotti Landscaping is now permitted to construct the road — categorized as a light industrial use according to Penn Hills zoning code — in areas that are generally restricted to housing, business, and conservation.

Established in 1987, the company specializes in concrete projects, landscaping, and general construction, as detailed on its website.

Joseph Vigliotti, co-owner of Vigliotti Landscaping, still faces some uncertainties.

Initial construction of the road resulted in the company receiving violation notices and stop work orders from Penn Hills code enforcement. In September 2023, Vigliotti was cited for not having a grading permit, according to court documents.

He is scheduled for a summary trial on May 2.

Moreover, the board’s approval is accompanied by numerous conditions, some of which are meant to address concerns about potential flooding and landslides.

The company must present a site plan and geotechnical report to the Penn Hills Planning Department within 120 days of approval, establish landscape buffers along residential properties, restrict truck traffic on Old Coal Hollow, and minimize noise between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Vigliotti did not respond to requests for comment.

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