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Hannity cautions Republicans that they will face a tough fight if they strongly oppose abortion.


Sean Hannity issued a warning about abortion for Republicans before the November’s election.

Sean Hannity offered a caution about abortion for Republicans before the November election.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade and the constitutional right to abortion in 2022, many Republican states have put in place abortion bans and restrictions. In response, Democrats have strongly campaigned on the issue and managed to avoid a big loss in the 2022 midterms by nearly losing the House while gaining a seat in the Senate. Democrats have also achieved several wins in special elections across the country. Additionally, abortion rights have won major wins in ballot referendums, even in red states.

“We know what the playbook is,” Hannity said of Democrats on Wednesday’s show while speaking with three pollsters. “They will use emotive language on abortion. Republicans, they better have a good response. And they also need to understand where the country is.”

The Fox host described himself as “pretty pro-life,” but said Republican politicians would be wise not to embrace a ban on abortion before 15 weeks of pregnancy:

“That’s where the country is,” he said. “And if Republican politicians don’t understand that, then… they’re gonna face a tough battle and they’re gonna lose.”

Pollster Robert Cahaly agreed.

“And it’s also the way you talk about it,” Cahaly said. “When the word ‘ban’ is being thrown around, Republicans are losing. When you start talking about ‘simple limitations,’ ‘reasonable limitations,’ and talking about the extreme being, ‘third-trimester abortion’ and ‘partial birth,’ Republicans are winning.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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