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Gregg Avenue steps set for renovation in Bridgeville

Bridgeville will be replacing steps near Gregg Street that are currently in poor condition.

The town of Bridgeville plans to replace deteriorating steps near Gregg Street.

The town received $248,780 from the state’s multimodal transportation fund to finance the project. These grants are given out by the Commonwealth Financing Authority.

State Sen. Devlin Robinson, R-Bridgeville, and state Rep. Anita Kulik, D-Kennedy, announced Bridgeville’s project.

Robinson expressed that these projects will significantly improve the pedestrian experience in the district, making it more convenient and safe for residents and visitors to enjoy various amenities and support local businesses.

Kulik stated that these projects are practical steps toward creating more lively and accessible communities.

According to Bridgeville manager Joe Kauer, the town will use the funding to reconstruct a set of city steps that connect Laurel Street and the McLaughlin Run neighborhood to Gregg Avenue and Greenwood Place.

Kauer explained that the current steps have been closed for some time due to being in very poor condition and that the project will involve rebuilding the steps and adding a sidewalk to Laurel Street.

Kauer emphasized that the steps are a crucial link for residents along McLaughlin Run Road to walk to the Bridgeville Public Library and community business districts.

Additionally, a bicycle “runnel” will be constructed alongside the new steps so cyclists can walk their bikes next to the steps instead of carrying them, Kauer noted.

He mentioned that the grant is expected to cover around 70% of the project costs.

The construction date has not been scheduled yet.

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