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Democrat activists are organizing another protest vote in a primary election and telling MSNBC that Biden is upsetting his supporters over his stance on Israel

Activists in Wisconsin are attempting to deliver a clear message to President Joe Biden with yet another protest primary vote campaign, this time in Wisconsin.

Activists in Wisconsin are attempting to communicate a direct message to President Joe Biden with another protest primary election effort, this time in Wisconsin.

Organizers engaged in the campaign told NBC’s Maya Eagland mentioned that they aim to have 20,000 people cast an “uninstructed” vote in the state’s Democratic primary, which means an uncommitted vote. Similar campaigns have been promoted by activists in other states, including Michigan where over 100,000 voters supported the uncommitted movement in protest against Biden’s support of Israel during the Gaza strikes.

Biden won Wisconsin in 2020, but only by around 20,000 votes.

Halah Ahmed, a representative for Listen to Wisconsin, expressed that the Democratic Party has lost all credibility for those who endorse a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict. The strikes in Gaza have led to the deaths of thousands of civilians, including several aid workers this week.

“I believe the Democratic Party has lost all credibility within our communities,” Ahmed stated.

She later added that she is concerned that there will be nothing remaining of Gaza by November if the strikes persist.

“If by November, there is still no ceasefire, I don’t know what will be left in Gaza and that’s the focal point of our campaign,” the activist noted.

Dahlia Saba is also driving the protest vote movement in Wisconsin, and she informed NBC that the campaign is designed to convey a message, while acknowledging that Biden will be the party’s nominee.

“Joe Biden has already secured the Democratic nomination, so the uninstructed campaign is really a way of conveying a message. It is not about him actually becoming president or not,” she stated. “It is a way for us to quantify – this is how many people care about this issue, we are Democrats, we are voting in the Democratic primary. These are your constituents and your policy is alienating them.”

Watch the video on MSNBC above.

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