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Biden's disrespecting of Easter Sunday by choosing to recognize a transgender holiday was a deliberate decision to punish

This was a nod to the far left and an attack on the Christian demographic despised by the Democratic party.

In a disgusting show of extreme ideology and pandering, the Biden administration issued a statement celebrating March 31 as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” It coincided with Easter Sunday, and it seems unlikely that the Biden administration was unaware of this fact. Despite President Biden's declining mental state and the pressure of an election year, it is likely that he and his team were aware of the coincidence.

Just a decade or two ago, this kind of action would have been viewed as a major mistake. It is generally believed that disregarding one of the most important days in Christianity would deeply offend millions of Americans, a significant portion of whom any presidential candidate would need support from in order to win an election.

It is possible that the decision to do this during an election year reflects sheer incompetence. However, it also indicates something deeper. The ease with which this mistake could have been avoided suggests a lack of concern, highlighting the progress the left has made in uniting voters who are either indifferent or hostile to traditional values, especially those related to Christianity.

By increasingly embracing a secular Democratic party must move cautiously as it shifts left, so as not to alienate independent voters and the ordinary, well-adjusted Democrats who still identify with the party. The Democrats' disregard for caution could be a mistake, or it could be a deliberate decision by a party that believes it no longer needs centrists to win national elections. new Whether their assessment is accurate will be revealed in November. Consider the current composition of the Democratic party, which includes: disaffected racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities and the guilt-ridden white democrats who infantilize them; naive young people; women who believe that abortion is the purest form of “freedom;” people who view Donald Trump as a dictator; socialists who now

sit in the democratic party); and a relatively small portion of reasonable individuals who are now overshadowed by the aforementioned groups. outnumber Critics of this theory may argue that “Transgender Day of Visibility” and Easter are not necessarily mutually exclusive and will not always coincide. However, such explanations purposefully overlook the fact that the Biden administration was aware of the situation. There is a punitive aspect to this decision, which was a gesture to the far left and an attack on a demographic despised by the Democratic party. Above all, it indicates a shift away from America's traditions towards leftism, with punishment for those unwilling to convert.

Joe Biden says he is a Catholic, but it's not very useful to just rely on someone's own opinion to decide if they are truly a Christian. I'm going to risk speaking for myself here, and I can confidently say that anyone who believes a man can become a woman or supports a mother's unrestricted right to end the life of her child up until birth, cannot be considered a Christian in any way. If they are, then Christianity becomes a meaningless idea, just a shell to be filled with whatever the left thinks is trendy, until it has no connection to its original meaning.

It's extremely clear that the left has a strong dislike for this country. They have animosity towards its people, which is why they're

them. They don't like its values and traditions, which is why they disrespect them. If there is still hope for America, Joe Biden's choice to degrade Christians will make him look bad in November. replacing This was a signal to the far left and an attack on the Christian group that is disliked by the Democratic party.

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