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East suburban real estate deals from the week of April 4, 2024



Forest Hills

Marilyn O’Connor's estate sold a property at 4 Hillcrest Road to TLH TD Properties for $125,000.

Katherine Opsitnick sold a property at 321 Sharon Drive to Justin Pawlowski and Ashley Baskin for $281,950.

Jupiter Financial Services LLC sold a property at 231 Woodside Road to Nicholas and Sara Dadig for $199,000.


Carolyn Benson sold a property at 2152 Old Dominion Drive to Brock and Zara Bigley for $265,000.

Almair Joseph sold a property at 2116 Ramsey Road to Victoria Irene Emery and Luke Edward Hrtyanski for $280,000.

Paul Hellested trustee sold a property at 418 Revere Drive to Christopher and Samantha Castine for $256,000.

Shawn Conley Hartwick sold a property at 1191 St. Vincent Drive to Robert Dubray for $230,000.

Courtney Alvarez sold a property at 2321 Township Road to Athena Wintruba and Dana Huether for $210,000.


Paul Savaryn IRA sold a property at 271 Second St. to Emma Versaw for $605,000.

David Barry's estate sold a property at 536 Sixth St. to Samantha Rae Stretavski for $190,000.

Cypress Land Partners LLC sold a property at 1010 Fownes Ln to Joan Fazio trustee for $275,000.

Penn Hills

CB Investments LLC sold a property at 8078 Aber Road to Hassan Mada and Fatuma Hamadi Mwechiwa for $220,000.

Gregory Stewart sold a property at 213 Austin St. to James and Jeanne Zajac for $200,000.

Jared Gregory sold a property at 111 Collins Drive to Mark and Nicole Banner for $159,900.

Brady Realty Group LLC sold a property at 9717 Glendale Road to Elias Ketema for $130,150.

Kalman Szabo sold a property at 142 Harvest Drive to Martha Nicholas McKnight for $210,000.

Ryan Frazier sold a property at 318 Meadow Ave. to Ausga Osonduagwuike for $140,000.

Milton Edward Thompson Jr.'s estate sold a property at 7297 Mt. Carmel Road to EAA Holdings LLC for $50,000.

Everett Clark sold a property at 343 Orin St. to Alecia Kerr for $182,385.

Michelle Hoskinson sold a property at 2625 Reiter Road to Tiffany Tipton for $130,000.

Jeffrey Grob sold a property on Universal Road to Edward Dott for $6,000.

Zenford Mitchell sold a property at 6530 Verona Road to Dejah Smith for $5,000.

VB One LLC sold a property at 112 Westminster Drive to Ilana Yardeni for $70,000.

Robert Comanici sold a property at 6 Willow St. to Freedom Ave Properties LLC for $112,000.


Joseph Balacko sold a property at 517 Tenth St. to BLKO LLC for $65,000.

Jonathan Wayne Miles II sold a property at 643 Third St. to Hillary Repasi for $120,000.

Gayler Brown sold a property at 340-342 Kenney Ave. to Stanwich Mortgage Loan Tr for $35,550.

Dorothy Lewis sold a property at 1026 Pennsylvania Ave. to Brian and Sharon Howard for $59,292.


Linda Mae Schneiderlochner Est sold a property at 863 Blue Ridge Road to NDK Investments LLC for $110,000.

Robert Verzinski Jr.'s estate sold a property at 582 Center Hill Road to Anthony Haley for $169,900.

Jamie Pecoraro sold a property at 168 Ligonier Ln to TLH TD Properties for $80,000.

Edward Pisula Jr. sold a property at 1236 Oak Hill Drive to Brittany Borga for $600,000.

Steven Ward sold a property at 100 Ridgewood Ct to Lee Shannon Properties LLC for $153,000.

Lawrence Neal transferred ownership of 324 Thornwood Drive to Eric and Kelley Benson for $429,900.


Richard Goldman transferred ownership of 7302 Schley Ave. to Jarred Shane Goldman for $8,100.

Cynthia Lewis transferred ownership of 2627 Woodstock Pl to Jamie Baverso and Patricia Gubash for $175,000.


Linda Geyer transferred ownership of 19 Charnwood Drive to CDMG LLC for $75,000.


Robin Madison transferred ownership of 7339 Beacon Hill Drive to Yi Fan Chen for $160,000.

McKinley Lancaster III transferred ownership of 7390 Beacon Hill Drive to Toshiko York for $141,010.

Daniel Wetmore transferred ownership of 812 Hill Ave. to DLM 2 LLC for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $84,729).

EEH2 LLC transferred ownership of 520 North Ave. to Elaine Harris Fulton and Eric Thorne for $4,000.

Eric Pinno transferred ownership of 520 Shelbourne Ave. to Easy Vision Investors for $30,000.

Wesley Scott transferred ownership of 212 West St. to Srishti Sharma for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $218,625).



Steven Morrison transferred ownership of 214 Manor View Drive to Alexis Aiello and Thomas Dascenzo for $233,000.


David Becker transferred ownership of 3360 Chisnell Ln to Jose Perez and Joselyn Medina for $27,980.

Foxlane Homes At Villa Ciano LLC transferred ownership of 5128 Cline Hollow Road to Vinod Shrishail Kudagi for $790,000.

Bobbie Brocious transferred ownership of 4000 Dunnett Ln to Antonio Falbo for $650,000.

Justin Belz transferred ownership of 3670 Forbes Trail Drive to Allison Marie Alker Schmitt for $377,000.

Gemini Development LLC transferred ownership of 4215 Mulberry Ln to Hillside Court LLC for $900,000.

Robert Schlemmer Jr. transferred ownership of Technology Ln to JAF Westmoreland Real Estate LLC for $270,000.

North Huntingdon

Song Sun Sullivan transferred ownership of 14514 Lynne Drive to Thomas Gault for $215,000.

Estate of Kevin Paul Gaudi transferred ownership of 8701 Walnut St. to Zenstone Properties LLC for $71,000.

Estate of Harry Robert Fisher transferred ownership of 12721 Water St. to Carley Sciulli for $91,790.

Penn Township

Christian Robbins transferred ownership of 1039 Harrison City Export Road to Benjamin and Dallas Spadaro for $249,900.

Estate of Rosalie Ciongoli transferred ownership of 115 McMahon Drive to Kyle Stack and Madison Mae Kladnik for $199,900.

Margaret Dunn transferred ownership of 40 Raymaley Road to Corey and Tammy Harris for $45,000.

Thomas Misner transferred ownership of 1822 Ridge Road to Raymond Foster for $180,000.

Angela Zegarelli transferred ownership of 1016 Wedgewood Drive to Amandeep and Gurpreet Sidhu for $505,000.

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