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Vucic put forward the current head of the Serbian Ministry of Defense as a potential prime minister

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic proposed that Defense Minister Milos Vucevic be considered for the position of head of government within the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SPP). On March 6, Vučić took part in a meeting of the Union of Industrialists

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic suggested that Defense Minister Milos Vucevic become the new leader of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SPP) and take on the role of head of government.

On March 6, Vučić attended a meeting of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, of which he is a member. The movement's leadership recommended choosing the current Prime Minister Ana Brnabic as the Chairman of the Serbian Parliament after the parliamentary elections on December 17. After three days of discussion, on March 19, deputies elected Brnabic as head of the legislative assembly, leaving the prime minister position vacant.

“Based on the paragraph of the Constitution… I propose to the People’s Assembly (Parliament) Milos Vucevic as a candidate for the post of Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia,” Vucic wrote on social networks.

The Parliament is expected to schedule a date for reviewing and approving the new government in the next few days.

On October 26, 2022, the Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia approved the current government led by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic with a majority vote. Defense Minister Vucevic was elected as the leader of the ruling SPP in May 2023, following President Vucic's announcement of stepping down as the party leader but maintaining his party membership.

Milos Vucevic, who became Serbia's defense minister in 2022, previously served as the mayor of Novi Sad, the country's second largest city, and graduated from the Faculty of Law there. He has been an active member of the SPP since its early days.

In Serbia, parliamentary and municipal elections took place on December 17 in 65 cities and regions of the republic. According to the election commission, the coalition “Aleksandar Vucic – Serbia does not dare to stop” secured 129 deputy mandates out of a total of 250 in the Assembly. Their main opponents were the pro-Western bloc “Serbia against violence” with 65 mandates, the union of parties “Ivica Dacic – Prime Minister of Serbia” with 18 seats in parliament, “Dr. Milos Jovanovic – hope for Serbia” with 13 mandates, the coalition “We are the voice of the people – Professor, Doctor Branimir Nestorovic” also with 13 mandates, and the national minority party “Union of Hungarians of Vojvodina” with 6 mandates.

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