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Nestlé teams up with The Global FoodBanking Network to enhance support for food access

Nestlé and The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) agreed to work together more closely in the fight against hunger. They signed a formal agreement to strengthen their collaboration in addressing food insecurity and assisting those in need.

Nestlé and The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to strengthen their cooperation in battling hunger.

We address food insecurity by assisting people in need to get food through donating products, sharing meals, and providing services,” mentioned Nina Kruchten, Head of Corporate Giving and Community Engagement at Nestlé. “Expanding on our current local support to GFN food banks, which averages 5.2 million kilos of donated products every year, this new global partnership reinforces our joint efforts to reduce hunger in our communities.

Food banks are firmly established in their communities and can quickly respond to hunger relief needs,” explained Ignacio Gavilán, Senior Director of Food Systems Partnerships at The Global FoodBanking Network. “They also play a crucial role in decreasing food loss and waste throughout the supply chain, making sure nutritious food reaches families’ tables. We’re proud to collaborate with Nestlé, a significant donor to our network’s food banks, to continue this valuable work of nourishing people together.

This alliance aims to broaden Nestlé’s efforts to improve food access across its operational areas. In 2023 alone, Nestlé’s global product donations totaled CHF 135.4 million. Below are some examples of their contributions:

  • Australia and New Zealand: Nestlé teamed up with its supply chain to develop a special recipe base distributed by Foodbank Australia and New Zealand. This enabled those in need to prepare meals from ingredients in food hampers. Over 1.7 million servings were distributed to vulnerable people in both countries throughout 2023.
  • Malaysia: Through a long-standing partnership with The Lost Food Project and Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia, Nestlé donated food and drinks that helped 630,000 families.
  • Egypt: In cooperation with the Egyptian Food Bank, Nestlé provided over a million servings of essential products to communities in need. Additionally, employee volunteering drives complemented their ongoing contributions.
  • Greece: Following devastating floods in Thessalia, Nestlé partnered with the Greek Food Bank to deliver essential products to affected communities during the recovery period and festive season.
  • Switzerland: In Canton de Vaud, Nestlé’s home for over 115 years, the company helps support 10,000 individuals and families every week. This is accomplished through long-term product donations, volunteering efforts, and a partnership with CA-RL.
  • Mexico: In response to Hurricane Otis’s devastation of Acapulco, Nestlé donated essential products and a financial contribution of MXN $1 Million to the Mexican Red Cross, CENACED, and Red BAMX (Bancos de Alimentos de Mexico) to aid in the relief effort.

This MOU aims to enhance cooperation between Nestlé entities worldwide and GFN food bank members in relevant regions. This will increase the number of partnerships and improve the quality of Nestlé’s support for food banks. Nestlé and GFN remain dedicated to working together globally to ensure food reaches those who need it most.

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