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Fox Chapel Area School District is thinking about a new rule to assist kids with parents serving in the military

Fox Chapel Area School District officials are considering a new policy to help children of active military servicemen and women.

Fox Chapel Area School District officials are thinking about a new rule to support kids with parents on active military duty.

Board members looked at the policy for the first time in March.

It is expected to be officially decided on during the April 8 meeting at the high school.

The policy documents acknowledge the difficulties faced by kids of military families because of frequent moves and parent deployments.

The board is dedicated to removing barriers to student attendance and education for military families, and to offering additional support to these kids in agreement with laws and district policy.

Sections of the policy include:

• Allowing military kids to enroll in the district before establishing residency in the Fox Chapel area.

• Providing support services to military families' kids enrolled in the district.

• Making sure these kids have the same access to educational programs, activities, and services offered to other district students.

The policy doesn't affect kids of inactive military members, reserves, or retired veterans unless stated otherwise.

You can review the policy on the district’s website and at the administrative office.

Superintendent Mary Catherine Reljac said the district has always supported military families.

“This policy is needed due to changes in state law and cooperation among states for military families,” Reljac said. “It doesn’t actually change much of what we do, because the district already had procedures in place for people in similar situations described in the policy.

“It just confirms our support for military families in the future. … Whether they are just entering our district or experiencing changes in their family due to deployment, we strive to ensure they are supported.”

Board Vice President Ronald Frank said it’s crucial to provide all possible help to military families and ensure their kids have equal educational opportunities.

“It’s important for us,” he said. “It’s essential for us to support them. They give everything they can for us and for our country. The least we can do is ensure their kids are taken care of.”

Stay updated on the school board's activities.

The Fox Chapel Area School Board meets at different schools every month.

Officials said this allows board members to visit schools in other neighborhoods and gives families in those areas an easy way to see their district leaders in action.

Meeting dates, times, and locations are listed on the district website under the school board section at

Board meetings are also livestreamed, and videos are posted on the district’s YouTube page.

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