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North Carolina Basketball Star States He Got ‘Over 100 Messages’ From Bettors Criticizing His Performance: ‘It’s Definitely a Little Out of Hand’

North Carolina forward Armando Bacot (5) fields questions ahead of the team’s Sweet Sixteen college basketball game in the NCAA tournament Wednesday, March 27, 2024, in Los Angeles. North Carolina plays Alabama Thursday. (AP Photo/Ryan Sun)

University of North Carolina men’s basketball star Armando Bacot confessed to being harassed by bettors online after his last NCAA Tournament game.

Armando Bacot

Ryan Sun/AP

University of North Carolina men’s basketball star Armando Bacot confessed to receiving negative attention from bettors on the internet following his most recent NCAA Tournament match.

The Tar Heels defeated Michigan State 85-69 in the tournament’s second round last Thursday. Bacot scored 18 points, the second highest on the team, and grabbed 7 rebounds, which was the most on the team. Although his rebound count was slightly under his usual average, he performed well.

However, some bettors were not satisfied. During a recent press conference, Bacot disclosed that his social media accounts were inundated with people expressing anger about prop bets that he supposedly did not meet.

“I guess I didn’t get enough rebounds or something,” Bacot remarked. “I thought I performed quite well in the last game, but when I checked my DMs, I found over a hundred messages from people telling me I’m terrible and similar things because I didn’t obtain enough rebounds.

“I think it’s definitely a little out of hand, but at the same time, I understand it. If you bet a significant amount of money on something and you’re one pick away and someone ruins it, I understand why fans would be upset; but it’s also irritating at times.”

Bacot’s comments came after NCAA President Charlie Baker urged states to prohibit college player props, specifically mentioning the harassment faced by student-athletes.

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