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Lower Burrell plans to repair the storm sewer on Dorothy Street by January

Lower Burrell officials were aware of the issue with the storm sewer on Dorothy Street during routine maintenance inspection some time ago.

Lower Burrell officials discovered a problem with a storm sewer on Dorothy Street during a regular check some time ago.

Mayor Chris Fabry stated that the storm sewer is an old, ridged metal pipe that is starting to have joint failures and corrosion inside.

The pipe goes under several driveways and a retaining wall, which makes fixing it more challenging.

However, a $30,000 grant will cover the entire cost of the sewer repair, according to Fabry. The grant was announced by state Sen. Joe Pittman, R-Indiana, and state Reps. Abby Major, R-Leechburg and Jill Cooper, R-Murrysville, on Tuesday.

The funds come from the Local Share Account grants, approved by the state Commonwealth Financing Authority.

Major expressed satisfaction in advocating for these needs to improve the Alle-Kiski Valley as a better place to live, work, and visit.

Fabry emphasized the importance of making the upgrades while trenchless repairs are a possibility.

He mentioned, “This will save us time and money by avoiding the need to replace or repair any resident’s driveways or a retaining wall.”

The final design and bidding for the project are planned for May, with the city expecting to award a contract in July.

Construction is expected to take place this winter, with the city aiming to finish the project by January.

Fabry expressed gratitude to the state officials for their help in securing the funding.

Receiving grants like these remains crucial for Lower Burrell,” Fabry explained. “In this case, we have the opportunity to complete a project sooner, with lower overall costs, rather than waiting until later when tax dollars are available and prices have risen significantly.”

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