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John Fetterman responded to Karl Rove's analysis predicting that Democrats will lose the Senate by expressing his confidence in the Democrats' chances of keeping the majority

UNITED STATES – JANUARY 23: Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., is seen during senate votes in the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday, January 23, 2024. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Rove argued that this cycle’s election map for the Democrats is very bad news for their majority, a point made by most pundits.

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) voiced his optimism that the Democrats can retain their majority in the U.S. Senate while responding to a recent analysis from GOP strategist Karl Rove.

Fetterman shared an article Rove wrote in the Wall Street Journal titled, “Democrats Will Probably Lose the Senate,” and replied, “I like our odds, turd blossom.”

“Turd blossom” was one of former President George W. Bush’s nicknames from Rove and, while it sounds derogatory, it has become a term of endearment between the two. Bush also called Rove “the architect” for having run his successful presidential campaigns – in 2004 becoming the only GOP campaign manager to win the popular vote since 1988.

Fetterman’s reply to Rove didn’t stop there, he added, “We improved our margin in ’22 when everyone was calling for a Dem bloodbath-ahem flipping PA- and there’s still a shitty roster in ’24 with several MAGA retreads. Humble yourself.”

Rove argued that this cycle’s election map for the Democrats is very bad news for their majority, a point made by most pundits. “Democrats have lots of problems. Republican Gov. Jim Justice is virtually guaranteed to take the West Virginia seat of retiring Sen. Joe Manchin. Democrats hold two other seats in states Donald Trump won in the last two presidential elections: Montana (which Mr. Trump carried by 16 points in 2024) and Ohio (8 points). Flipping them, too, would result in a 52-48 GOP Senate,” Rove noted. Democrats will also be hard-pressed to keep seats in Nevada and Arizona.

Fetterman was elected in 2022 despite most pundits expecting him to lose after suffering a stroke on the campaign trail. His campaign used wit and humor on social media throughout the campaign to both grab headlines and boost his fundraising and name recognition.

As a sitting senator, Fetterman has kept up his eyeball-grabbing social media posts and has staked out a lot of ground as an independent-minded Democrat in recent months – particularly slamming progressives on a variety of issues from border security to the Israel-Hamas War.

Here are some of his recent tweets:


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