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Are you angry, bro?: More information about the Kenny Pickett trade; expressing frustration about the situation with the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates

You didn't think one week was enough for Pittsburgh to properly expel all of its emotions over the Kenny Pickett trade, did you?

You didn’t think one week was enough for Pittsburgh to properly release all of its emotions regarding the Kenny Pickett trade, did you?

Additionally, the Penguins are performing poorly, and it looks like another season of anticipated disappointment for the Pirates is on the way.

That’s what this week’s “U mad, bro?” is all about.

Let’s start with Robert. He sent me an email about a week before the Steelers traded away Kenny Pickett. The subject line of his email was: “Two words.”

“Troy Aikman.

Just a reminder, everything the local and national media are saying about Kenny Pickett is very similar to what they said about Troy Aikman, but even worse. We'll see how Kenny Pickett performs with a real coaching staff now. Even though I don't think they should've hired this guy (Arthur Smith). Have you gone back and checked Troy Aikman's stats in his first two to three years? I doubt you have.

Hmm. How do you think Troy Aikman will look holding a clipboard in a Philadelphia Eagles helmet, Robert? Do you think Pickett will get a chance to play as long as Jalen Hurts is healthy?

Here's an email from a guy named Dave. He got in touch after I published my column in response to the Pickett trade.

“‘Methinks thou dost protest too much.’ I think you and your team looked the other way and the Steelers organization got the better of you. You never saw it coming. Wow. Also, your Friday night piece lamenting the Steelers’ lies and attempting to Benz-splain how/why it happened is kind of lame. Perhaps you and the team who cover the Steelers should put (on) your big boy pants and treat the franchise like the billion dollar corporation they are.”

Dave, I have no idea what you think I am “protesting.”

I have no idea how the team “got the better” of me or anyone else on my “team.” The trade was with the Eagles. Not our sports department.

That column is only “lame” if you enjoy being lied to — and I’m suspecting you do.

I have no idea how I’m failing to treat them like a billion-dollar organization.

Frankly, I have no idea what any of this email means. But, please, feel free to Dave-splain it to me.

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A different David emailed me too. He is, shall we say, frustrated with the state of Pittsburgh sports.

“It seems in Pittsburgh all 3 professional sports teams have transformed to worthless. It was bad enough when the Pirates succumbed to little league players. But now both the Steelers have become a team that shouldn’t be in the NFL because the owner and the Head Coach can’t identify a football, and our hockey team is just a senior version of the movie ‘Frozen.’ In the 70s Pittsburgh was truly the city of champions but now it is the city of losers. But the city can’t recognize its sports teams (stink).”

David, let’s go one by one.

Regarding the Pirates, you might be right. It’s entirely possible that last year’s kids from El Segundo, Calif., could’ve put together a better opening-day starting rotation than the Pirates.

I'm not concerned about Mike Tomlin and Art Rooney II finding a good football player for the Steelers. But I doubt they can find a guy who can throw the ball well.

When it comes to hoping the Penguins will be Stanley Cup contenders again soon, your analogy to “Frozen” is not very encouraging.let it go.”

This team has really turned into a strong competitor.fixer upperI'm just waiting for the power play to become good again, after a long time of not being so.for the first time in forever.”

This person is frustrated with Mike Sullivan's explanations for the recent losses of the Penguins.

I think they have actually become the same person, rather than just sounding like one another.

It's like a Black and Gold “Spider-Man” meme.

Les believes some of the speculation about the Steelers acquiring Brandon Aiyuk is unnecessary.

“Aiyuk wants north of $25 million per season. Do you think the Steelers will pay that kind of money to a WR.”

Probably not, Les. But did you think they’d give $13 million to an inside linebacker like Patrick Queen when they weren’t willing to give $6 million to any of the ones available last year?

Finally, John is worried about “U mad, bro?” in general.

“Please tell me you cherry-pick tweets from the dumbest people imaginable just so you can dunk on them. I’d hate to think that these doorknobs are actually representative of the larger fan base.”

Do I select the … um … best of the worst? Mayyyyybe.

But I wouldn’t call it “cherry picking.” It’s more like bobbing for apples at the peak of harvest season in the biggest orchard imaginable.

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