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Pirates Pierogies highlight Highlands engagement night

Highlands Middle School's Parent Engagement Night on Tuesday, featuring a Pittsburgh Pirates Pierogie race, was almost as exciting as a ballgame at PNC Park.

Highlands Middle School held a Parent Engagement Night on Tuesday, and it felt almost as exciting as a ballgame at PNC Park. The event included a Pittsburgh Pirates Pierogie race.

Rammie, the district’s mascot, competed against Jalapeno Hannah and Sauerkraut Saul at Golden Rams Stadium to close the fun-filled evening. Principal Becky Bragan said the aim was to “celebrate the positives and bring the community together.”

Bragan expressed, “We want to make parents aware of all we do here.”

The cafeteria was busy with hands-on science projects, offering opportunities to use microscopes and engage in other challenges. The fitness center featured new gym equipment and a demonstration of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Counselors were available to discuss school-based therapy and other available supports.

The main attraction of the night was the pierogie race, where four lucky students won a raffle to compete against Hannah and Saul. The participants were: J.B. Hood and Brycen Brucker from fifth grade, Jackson Dinning from seventh grade, and Brayden Scott from eighth grade.

Dinning emerged as the winner, surpassing second-place Saul by a few steps.

Hood, 11, mentioned that he had previously encountered the Pirates Pierogies at the ballpark through Scouts, but racing them in Ramland “was really cool.”

He described it as the experience of a lifetime.

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