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Maggie Haberman criticizes Trump for using racial stereotypes to attract Black voters

Maggie Haberman told Anderson Cooper that former President Donald Trump has been “trafficking in racial stereotypes” as he makes “a play for Black voters.

New York Times correspondent and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman told Anderson Cooper that former President Donald Trump has been “trafficking in racial stereotypes” as he makes “a play for Black voters.”

Both President Joe Biden and Trump clinched their respective nominations easily during Tuesday’s primaries, and Cooper interviewed Haberman during CNN’s Tuesday night coverage of the multiple contests.

Cooper asked Haberman how Trump will integrate his trial schedule with the campaign now that the nominees are set, and whether it will be part of his strategy to peel off Black voters:

COOPER: It’s interesting, this idea of using the court appearances, as a way to stay active, on the campaign trail. I mean, both, just from a practical standpoint, it makes sense. But it’s also been effective for him, thus far.

MAGGIE HABERMAN: Yes. It’s been what he has done this entire time. He did it through the primary cycle, to great effect.

Now, I would argue that legally, his performances in court, during the E. Jean Carroll trial, and during the New York AG trial, did not go particularly well for him, in terms of the judgments that came down. But they certainly created a lot of noise, and a sense of motion, as he was in these primaries, in the final stages.

And this is what that will be, especially because he’s going to be in court, four days a week. Wednesdays will be a break. So, the only days that he can really campaign are Saturday and Sunday.

COOPER: And yet, he knows that so many cameras are going to be at the courthouse, and there’s not videotape inside the courtroom. So, they’ll need to occupy their time, talking about stuff. So, his appearances there will get tremendous pickup.

HABERMAN: That’s exactly right. And this is something that we had expected was going to happen, and may still happen, if there’s a federal January 6 related trial, where there won’t be cameras in the courtroom. There, as you say, won’t be cameras in the courtroom for the Bragg trial.

And so, Trump will go out, and he’ll give his spin, and he’ll say whatever he’s going to say. And he’s going to hope that he’s going to drown out whatever the witness testimony is, and whatever damaging evidence is offered in the case.

COOPER: Is he trying to — I mean, in terms of the campaign strategy, to build his base, is he trying to just pick away some Black voters, from President Biden, Hispanic voters, whomever he can get?

HABERMAN: I don’t think that’s what he’s doing in this upcoming court case. I don’t think that’s the target. I think the target is essentially survival, to be honest.

And I think his aides are hoping that he does not do himself damage, because as we have seen, in recent days, he is saying things that are not helping him. It’s not like it’s always a net-plus when he talks.

But in general, it is true that part of their math is they are trying to make a play for Black voters. He’s been very explicit about it. He also has been trafficking, in all kinds of racial stereotypes, as he does it.


HABERMAN: But he refers back to his record as president. Even if he doesn’t pick up those votes, even if the public polling showing him getting a much higher percentage of Black voters is wrong? Part of the strategy is just peeling it away from Biden, either so people stay home or toward an independent candidate.

Watch above via CNN.

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