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Post-Midterms, Liberals Encounter Ten Stages Of Grief

Ah, Twitter. Repository of gut reactions to the 2014 midterms.

A lady is charitable in triumph. And I’m not so keen on the GOP in general, so I’m resisting the pull to celebrate their wins in the 2014 midterms as mine. Given that, liberal friends will pardon a bit of humor, not at their expense, but from another human who has also felt strong emotions at relatively inconsequential happenings. A shift in Senate power, I’m happy to report, will not cause the oceans to rise (despite feelings in the Voxbox).


A lot, a lot of denial going on. It’s okay, liberal friends. Remember President Obama can veto everything and Republicans are idiots anyway. No need to pretend that the same thing true for every election somehow would have changed things THIS TIME.


You know, Rush Limbaugh is always going off on the low-information voters. Somehow, the meme has reached this Grist blogger. He’s astonished, then mortified. How could anyone ever not love pork-barrel spending and gun confiscation?


ShockEmotional Release

If we all just ignore Florida’s rejection of medical marijuana and toke up, everything will be fine, ya’ll. It’s unclear if this is a serious suggestion.


For once, Matt Yglesias’s dependence on Google doesn’t fail him.


Others are a bit more Chicken Little.

despondentAnxiety, Fear, Panic

This from the Daily Kos’ founder could be seen as bravado…or fear masquerading as bravado.

DailyKosHostility and Anger

I don’t know who Wisconsin union sympathizer Z.E. Smith is, but I do know he’s angry Walker kept his spot. Much too angry. Buddy, there’s a bar on every Wisconsin street corner. Visit one, okay?


The Nation editor Katrina vandenHeuvel doesn’t feel guilty so much as wants to assign guilt—to President Obama. Outgoing presidents are always convenient scapegoats. Just ask W.

BlameHesitancy to Renew Normal Activities

Tom Brokaw was all over this one. He just HAD to answer a grocery alert to his phone while on the air. Some people smoke cigarettes. Other people answer grocery alerts. Whatever keeps you sane, man.

BrokawRenewed Hopes (Or Clinging to Threads)

This from the leader of the nation’s second-largest teachers union, Randi Weingarten. Unions spent like mad to capture the scalps of enemies such as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Thom Tillis. They managed only to topple an already-damaged Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett. Expensive win.


Some people, at least, are willing to be honest.

KohnBut others will remain defiant for a long, long time.


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