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Let Me Google That For You, Matt Yglesias

Matt Yglesias failed to do any research before flinging absurd slanders, showing he knows nothing about religious liberty battles and who fights them.

Matt Yglesias doesn’t like to read books or seek out viewpoints different from his own. So that at least partially explains what the heck is happening with Vox’s embarrassing implosion.

He tweeted today:

I’ll just throw this other tweet from this week out there for consideration before we consider Matt Yglesias’ claim:


Oh, and this one for good measure:


Vintage Yglesian historical illiteracy of that last tweet notwithstanding, let’s go on. OK, so is it true that these civil libertarians who care about religious freedom (in the Yglesian taxonomy, we call them “conservatives”) only care about religious majorities?

Take it away Tim Carney:

Yglesias, impervious to reality, retorted:


Hoo boy.

A Vox editor even pointed out the ignorance of Yglesias’ tweet:

He was unmoved. He did say that the people calling him out for his ignorance made him less sympathetic to Christians, so there is that.

To sum up, Yglesias failed to apply any common sense and basic decency before flinging absurd slanders at people. He also failed to know anything at all whatsoever about modern religious liberty battles and who is fighting for them. And he failed to do even the slightest bit of research — such as, apparently, the only means of research available to the Vox crew (Google). Excellent work.

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