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The judge in Fani Willis's case might be too afraid to make the right decision

Judge Scott McAfee has allowed this absurd Fulton County prosecution of Donald Trump to continue for this long, and it doesn't seem like he will put a stop to it now.

We should find out by the end of the week whether Georgia Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis's unreasonable prosecution of Donald Trump and associates will be stopped before the trial. But Judge Scott McAfee needs to be very brave in order for that to happen, and so far, it seems like he's not very courageous. The accusation against Willis for hiring her then-boyfriend for the get-Trump prosecution at a high salary, paid from taxpayer money, might cause the case to be dismissed before trial. McAfee set a Friday deadline for his decision on the defense team's request to remove Willis. Allegations include her hiring her then-boyfriend, which resulted in significant expenditure from taxpayer funds.

This self-imposed deadline by McAfee is for his decision on whether to disqualify Willis. accuse her The allegations of self-dealing involve Willis hiring her then-boyfriend to join her office's get-Trump prosecution at a salary that cost Georgia taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Willis denies the accusation, despite strong evidence of her relationship with Nathan Wade when she recruited him as special counsel. This is suspicious because he is a defense attorney, not a prosecutor. Willis also mentioned keeping significant amounts of cash on hand, which she used to reimburse Wade for their luxurious vacations.

If cash was the game, there's no one to blame!

This has been a very sleazy display, almost like a scene from a “Madea” movie, and it's likely that if McAfee has allowed this to continue, he won't stop it now.

Under normal circumstances, a serious judge would have dismissed this obviously ridiculous case from the beginning. The case against Trump and his associates from the 2020 campaign, accusing them of severe crimes in Georgia, is seen as patently absurd. The case suggests that Trump and his associates attempted various approaches in Georgia to secure an electoral victory, including discussions with elected officials. None of it worked because there wasn't enough evidence to support the case.

This is known as the right of the people to petition the government, a freedom guaranteed by the constitution. Even Trump and his supporters are entitled to challenge the government. The evidence didn't support the case, but Willis convinced the grand jury, which was mostly 75 percent for Biden, that she's right.

Willis managed to convince the grand jury, made up mostly of voters who voted nearly 75 percent for Biden, that she's right. This is despite the lack of evidence to support her case. Judge McAfee allowed Willis to behave in an erratic manner during her own hearing before she was even asked to testify. She shouted at the defense attorneys, called them liars, and used her race as a shield against scrutiny. This entire situation has degraded the criminal justice system, and McAfee has watched it happen without taking action.

The entire situation has made the criminal justice system look bad, and McAfee has not intervened, despite being able to.

The entire situation has made the justice system look bad, and McAfee has not intervened, despite being able to. McAfee's lack of action has made the legal system look bad, even though he could have done something to stop it., but he knows just as well as everyone else that when it comes to pressuring Trump, Democrats are serious.

If McAfee tries to challenge Willis, whom he previously supported in her election, Democrats and their media allies will likely portray it as an act of white supremacy and an effort to obstruct a Powerful Black Woman (of Color) who is holding Trump accountable. The attacks on his reputation would be harsh and unrelenting.

In his decision on the Willis hearings, he will probably acknowledge her clear dishonesty with the court, but ultimately decide that it doesn't change the core case against the former president and his associates. It takes a lot to oppose the movement against Trump, and it seems McAfee doesn't have much in his favor.

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