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Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf completely demolishes an online troublemaker in a harsh social media argument

Former QB Ryan Leaf during the PAC-12 Football Media Day 2018. Live at Ray Dolby Ballroom at the Hollywood and Highland Entertainment Center in Los Angeles, Ca. on July 25, 2018 (Photo by Jevone Moore/Full Image 360) (Cal Sport Media via AP Images)

Retired NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf had some incredibly harsh words for an online troll who mocked him for his disappointing football career.

Ryan Leaf

Jevone Moore/AP

Retired NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf had some very harsh words for an online troublemaker who ridiculed him for his unsuccessful football career.

Picked as the second overall in the 1998 NFL Draft, Leaf is considered a major draft 'bust' after playing only a few seasons in the league. He ended with a 4-17 record, completing just 48.4% of his passes with 14 touchdowns and 36 interceptions.

Naturally, such a historically bad career for someone drafted that high makes him an easy target for some on social media.

On Wednesday, Leaf responded by hurling some serious insults at one user.

It began when Leaf responded to another user asking if the QB ever took “receipts” during his playing days. The term has become slang for the act of making note of trash talk to use against someone in the future.

Despite not being tagged in the tweet, Leaf responded and said he didn’t. Then, a user known as “Soap” jumped in and asked why Leaf searched his name to find the original tweet.

“Baby is taking her 11 a.m. nap,” Leaf said. “I finished my work, and it’s draft time, so I know a bunch of dumb fools are talking nonsense and I’m the righteous hand of Busts to lay a reckoning down upon thee, until my baby girl wakes up, which she just may have. Have a great one Soapster!”

Soap then responded by asking if his daughter knows he was a bust. In response, Leaf brought up his troubled history with substance abuse to explain how his playing days are the least of his concern.

“She’s 14 weeks, she’ll find out,” Leaf said. “There are jerks like you everywhere eager to shout it from the basements. I think the being a drug addict and 7-time convicted felon may be the harder conversation, but we trudge on!”

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