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12 Pictures Of Kim Jong-un Looking Super Intimidating

Paramount has reportedly told theaters they’re not authorized to show Team America. Here are 12 pictures of Kim Jong-un at his most fierce.

According to The Daily Beast, as well as a handful of Twitter accounts run by movie theaters, Paramount Pictures has apparently informed theaters that they’re not authorized to air Team America: World Police. The film, which was the brainchild of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, makes gratuitous fun of North Korea and its previous leader, Kim Jong-il.

The Paramount decision comes on the heels of Sony’s decision to halt release and distribution of its own film, The Interview, a comedy that depicts that assassination of current North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Anonymous sources, believed to be from North Korea, threatened 9/11-style attacks on any theaters that chose to show The Interview, which stars actors Seth Rogen and James Franco.

The only logical conclusion that can be drawn from the willingness of studio heads to so quickly bow to the threats of a third-world tinpot dictator is that the dictator himself must be very fierce and intimidating. It can only be the case that American resolve is no match for Kim Jong-un. Otherwise, why would any sane person want to set the precedent that anonymous, non-credible threats of violence are enough to squelch freedom of expression in the United States? It must be that Kim Jong-un himself is the most fearsome leader in all the world, so terrifying that the mere sound of his voice can cause empires to tremble and cower.

Here are 12 pictures of Kim Jong-un at his most intimidating.

1) Kim Jong-un Personally Surveys The First Course From The Morning’s Breakfast Menu

Kim Jong Un Buffett

2) Local Troops Are Instructed On The Finer Points Of Sudoku Strategy

Kim Jong Un Commodore 64

3) Valhalla

Kim Jong Un Heaven

4) Dramatic Re-enactment Of Washington’s Crossing Of The Delaware

Kim Jong Un I'm On A Boat

5) “No, no. Sir, the phrase is ‘I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.'”

Kim Jong Un On A Horse

6) Valhalla II

Kim Jong Un Pastries

7) You Can Clearly See Why He Strikes Fear In The Hearts Of Hollywood Execs

Kim Jong Un Roller Coaster

8) “He had always been a Beatles fan, but his dreams of recreating a video for one of their most beloved songs went awry when it was discovered that the country was completely out of yellow paint.”

Kim Jong Un Submarine

9) “The Sony execs stood strong until they learned he could literally control the weather.”

Kim Jong Un Weather

10) “I asked a simple question: is this edible? Yes or no.”

Kim Jong Un Guitar

11) “What do you call this? ‘Clean water’? Here? Preposterous. I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

Kim Jong Un Water

12) There’s no joke here. I literally have no idea what he’s looking at.

Kim Jong Un WTF

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