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Is Ed Gillespie On The Verge Of A Major Upset In Virginia?

If Twitter buzz is any indication, Ed Gillespie might actually have a shot at beating Sen. Mark Warner in Virginia.

It’s far too soon to tell, and he’s facing very long odds, but there’s a lot of buzz that Ed Gillespie may be on the verge of a mammoth upset in Virginia’s Senate race. The final Real Clear Politics poll average before election day showed Gillespie to be trailing by nearly 10 percentage points.

The final major poll released before the election showed that Gillespie had perhaps narrowed the spread to single digits, but it was dismissed as an outlier. However, Twitter is abuzz that Gillespie might actually have a chance.

Given the state of the polls heading into today, it seems highly unlikely that Gillespie would be able to pull this off. But it’s absolutely a race to keep your eye on as the evening progresses.

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