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VIDEO: Obama Blames Texas For Obamacare’s Unaffordable Health Care Costs

Whose fault is it that Obamacare has made health insurance unaffordable? Obama says it’s Texas’ fault, naturally.

President Barack Obama held a Spanish language town hall at the Newseum last week in which he was interviewed by reporters from some of the largest Spanish media outlets in the world. During the interview, he was asked a question from a man who wanted to buy Obamacare for a family of three but couldn’t afford it.

The individual said he makes about $36,000 per year, and the minimum Obamacare insurance price for the policy he needed was about $315 per month. “I think that’s too much for me,” the man said, according to an English translation of his question.

“Is the Affordable Care Act really affordable?” the moderator then asked Obama. Obama couldn’t settle on a single answer to the question, so he instead suggested that the man should just sign up for Medicaid, blamed Texas for affordable insurance not being available, and concluded by saying the man should cancel his telephone service if he can’t afford to pay for any of Obamacare’s health insurance options.

Obama’s entire stumbling, bumbling answer — which must be viewed in order to be believed — was remarkable:

Obama: Many people when they go on the website, or they make a call, or they go to the clinic, they may be eligible for Medicaid — they just don’t know it. In which case they may be able to get health insurance for free or very low costs.

That’s right: it’s not Obamacare’s fault that insurance is now unaffordable. It’s Texas’ fault for not expanding Medicaid. If you like your health plan, you can…just go sign up for Medicaid. Or cancel your phone service. Whatever.

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