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The Story Of A War Hero Wounded On His 10th Deployment Is Really The Story Of Obama

That’s what one reporter said. Here are the 20 best responses from veterans and others to the claim that Barack Obama is just like war hero Cory Remsburg.

There are a few things that strike the reader upon reading the following tweet, which references Sgt. 1st Class Cory Remsburg, the Army Ranger President Barack Obama praised at the end of his otherwise unmemorable State of the Union address. Remsburg was gravely wounded in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan on his 10th deployment. The bomb killed one and left Remsburg in a coma for three months. Even today he remains partially paralyzed and brain damaged. Seeing him at the speech was a great reminder of the costs of war and the bravery of a certain class of man.

But for one member of the media, it was also really about … wait for it … Barack Obama:

It’s amazing that any human would look on the sacrifices of Cory Remsburg and think of any president of recent memory, much less Barack Obama. It’s also just astounding that someone would have absolutely no compunction about expressing said thought. And as if all that isn’t bad enough, how about the first response to the tweet coming from President Obama’s previous chief speechwriter, in which he says:

While Murray and Favreau were drawing political lessons from Cory Remsburg’s story, Ronan Farrow thought it a good opportunity for a joke. At least he understood the absurdity of comparing political or policy struggles to those of a war hero:

As people reacted with horror to Murray’s tweet — even for our media, this is shockingly fanboyrific — John Podhoretz reminded people that everyone has tweeted things they regretted. Cut him some slack, he said. But then he realized that the tweet was just the 140-character version of Murray’s more embarrassing thoughts placed in 1st Read. Indeed, Murray himself suggested that people upset with the tweet read the rest of his thoughts. Andrew Stiles highlighted them here:

If you can’t see it, here’s the relevant part to show you what your national media is made of:

Emphasis mine. Philip Klein responded:

Yes, nothing has been easy for this President, from the carried-by-the-coddling-media election victories to the awarding of the Nobel Prize. Nothing has been easy. It’s just like what Sgt. 1st Class Cory Remsburg has gone through. Exactly like it. Uncanny, really. Somehow, though, not everyone agreed:

Take it away, Rick Wilson:

Veteran Jon Gabriel weighed in:

Favreau responded that he was simply comparing Remsburg’s sacrifices to Obama’s policy agenda, as if that somehow made it in any way better, and then disparaged veterans for being so touchy. Favreau didn’t serve in the military but he did work for John Kerry’s campaign, so he reported for duty in his own way.

Anywho, more of the best responses to Mike Murray’s posterior-licking thoughts on the greatness of Barack Obama:

UPDATE: Late entry.

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